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Dhai Dubia light art festival sees the perfect blend of creativity and heritage

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Dhai Dubia light art festival sees the perfect blend of creativity and heritage

Since January 26, Expo City Dubai in the United Arab Emirates has been playing host to the first edition of Dhai Dubai light art festival – known to allow art and illumination to beautifully combine in a spectacular celebration of creativity and heritage.

The event set to run until February 4 at Al Wasl Plaza is a canvas for local artists to transform light into a language of creativity and cultural storytelling. Here, each installation is not just a display but a dialogue, highlighting the vibrant spirit of Dubai.

The 10-day show is expected to give visitors a unique perspective on the Emirates’ deep-rooted values and way of life. Besides exploring the stunning light installations and artworks, you can also attend thought-provoking talks by experts for an even more enriching experience.

Meet the light masters at Dhai Dubia 2024

Step into Expo City Dubai to see seven magnificent installations stand as proud symbols of Dubai’s diverse cultural fabric and its compelling narratives. Each grand creation draw from Dubai’s deep heritage and engage with themes that resonate universally.

The seven participating artists include,

1. Mattar Bin Lahej, talent behind the calligraphic façade of the Museum of the Future

2. Dr Najat Makki, honored with the French Chevalier of Arts and Letters

3. Emirates Fine Arts Society co-founder Dr Mohamed Yousef

4. Designer Abdulla Almulla – participated in London Design Biennale and Dubai Design Week last year

5. Multi-disciplinary artist Maitha Hamdan

6. Designer Khalid Al Shafar – collaborated with LASVIT and the Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum

7. Celebrated visual artist Reem Al Ghaith

Dhai Dubia is expected to further bolster Dubai’s position as a destination for global arts events. Co-curator Amna Abulhoul said selecting the seven artists wasn’t easy as “the UAE is home to a vast array of brilliant artists and creatives.”

See creativity and culture come together

The artists are playing an important role in placing the first edition of the event onto both the local and global stages. They bring their own unique stories that complement one another, and together tell the story of Dubai, added the curator.

The larger-than-life installations are a testament to the remarkable talent of the seven light masters who have poured their heart and creativity into each masterpiece. The festival not only showcases their incredible creations but also explores the narratives that inspired them.

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