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Saudi Media Forum, dedicated to advancing the sector, to commence soon: Key details inside

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Saudi Media Forum, dedicated to advancing the sector, to commence soon: Key details inside

The third edition of the annual Saudi Media Forum is scheduled to take place in Riyadh on December 20 and 21, covering a range of topics related to the sector’s growth and future and emphasising different areas such as audio, print, visual and digital media.

Organised by the Saudi Broadcasting Authority (SBA) in collaboration with the Saudi Journalists Association, the Forum seeks to stress its crucial role in fostering a positive impact, exploring the latest technologies and creating a community for the exchange of experiences.

Objective to elevate the quality of the media industry

The event builds on the success of its previous editions. It is expected to reinforce Saudi Arabia’s position in the media landscape. Moreover, it will host specialised workshops presented by experts, academics and practitioners in different media fields.

Leaders from Google LLC are set to give training workshops during the Saudi Media Forum, focusing on developing digital journalistic skills, search techniques and account security as well as narration techniques and Google storytelling tools, as per the Saudi Press Agency.

Mohammed Al-Harthi, the President of the Saudi Media Forum and CEO of SBA, had earlier emphasised the importance of aligning with global media trends to fulfill the objectives of Vision 2030, a strategic framework to transform the Kingdom.

According to BROADCASTPRO Middle East, Al-Harthi had stressed the necessity of building communication bridges with local and international media establishments to make a positive impact, contributing to elevating the quality of the media industry.

Saudi Media Forum Award in focus

The event is also set to feature the Future of Media Exhibition “FOMEX” – considered the largest of its kind in the massive region – showcasing the latest experiences in the media industry, television and radio production.

The Forum will conclude by awarding the winners of the Saudi Media Forum Award, which serves as a recognition of outstanding achievements and stimulus for further excellence in the field of media and communication. The award includes diversified categories.

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