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Dubai in the limelight as it launches first-ever sustainable mobile floating fire station

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Dubai in the limelight as it launches first-ever sustainable mobile floating fire station

Dubai Civil Defence has taken a significant step towards reinforcing its leadership in safety infrastructure and innovation. It has launched the world’s first mobile floating fire station, contributing to the city’s vision of becoming a global leader in safety and security.

The initiative represents Dubai’s strategy to constantly enhance its fire and rescue services. The floating structure is also immensely sustainable and environmentally friendly as it is 70% more cost-effective than traditional marine fire stations.

Dubai’s mobile floating fire station is sustainable and cost-effective

The station embodies Dubai’s commitment to environmental conservation, yet also helps maintain the highest standards of safety and efficiency. It eliminates the need for dedicated land space, resulting in both cost savings and preservation of green spaces.

In addition to helping reduce carbon footprint, the floating entity has a notable speed of 11 miles per hour and can easily accommodate 16 individuals. The station is expected to help Dubai Civil Defence continue providing world-class fire and rescue services.

The sustainable mobile floating fire station demonstrates the high priority the UAE city’s leadership places on driving greater safety innovation and excellence. Its launch has come against a backdrop of Dubai seeing remarkable growth in maritime trade and tourism.

Lieutenant General Expert Rashid Thani Al Matroushi, Director General of Dubai Civil Defence, said: “The deployment … marks a significant step forward in our journey towards achieving global leadership in safety and security,” reported the Emirates News Agency.

“Target response time of just four minutes”

“The inauguration of this station not only demonstrates our dedication to generating innovative safety solutions but also aligns with our commitment to contributing to enhance Dubai’s overall infrastructure and services,” Al Matroushi further mentioned.

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The mobile floating fire station is a significant enhancement to the emirate’s marine firefighting capabilities. The entity can provide comprehensive coverage across Dubai’s maritime and navigational zones, enhancing the city’s responsiveness to accidents at sea.

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